SMS alert managment

SMS Alert Management

eify’s SMS management tool means you can be connected to your complete workforce, or subgroup, as and when you need to.

Communicate essential information to users

Our SMS alert system means you can communicate essential information to users, from providing the details of a meeting, changes to access requirements, weather conditions or compliance policies, through to emergency evacuations.

SMS alerts to subsets of people

The eify Mobile Alerts System allows you to stay in touch with all workers on a project at all times. It allows you to send alerts via SMS to numerous subsets of people such as; those currently on site, those who are due to be on site the following day and much more.

SMS alert important messages

The SMS Alert Management System can instantly notify by SMS important information like safety messages of the day, important weather alerts and impromptu meetings.

Benefits and features of eify’s SMS alert module:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to send information to any mobile number, regardless of whether it is in the system or not
  • Generate large blast outs, or direct communication to individuals
  • Easily generate a list of recipients based on a number of options: name, company, project on-site status, work schedule, role or employee type
  • Create and save custom groups
  • Ability to personalise text messages

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