Plant management

Plant Management

The person responsible for managing plant on any site has a critical job. They must ensure that all plant items on site are fit for their purpose and that all operators have the necessary competencies to operate them.

Ensures plant is fully compliant

The eify plant management module ensures plant is fully compliant before it comes on-site and remains up to date with services and maintenance for the full duration of its use.

Complete visibility of what plant is being used and where

The module also provides complete visibility of what plant is being used and where, assisting in more efficient use of plant and very accurate stock takes.

Plant is recorded with a simple swipe/scan

Plant is recorded onto site in the same way that a user is. A simple swipe/scan of the plant item’s card allocates it onto site and into a specific area of a site.

Benefits and features of eify’s electronic plant management solution:

  • Provides confidence that all plant adheres to service/maintenance schedules
  • Awareness of what plant is being used and where
  • Ability to maintain accurate asset management for stock take
  • Ability to forecast upcoming requirements for plant and equipment
  • All documents relating to plant is stored in a central repository—instantly accessible by web or mobile device
  • Ability to easily update documents
  • Expiring Alerts are sent to everyone

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