Pproject controls

Project Controls / Management

The eify project controls module enables your organisation to track people people, plant and stores. It provides project managers with live and accurate data for project status reporting and financial management.

Up to the minute visibility of key project variables

We reduce the need to ‘guesstimate’ a project’s status or progress through an up-to-the minute visibility of key project variables.

We reduce the labour intensive process of doing a number of tasks manually: extracting data, converting it to another format, manipulating it into the design you require, running endless formulas to get an approximate project status or report. Each step of this process is open to human error and takes considerable time.

Our system integrates with our clients' existing Project Controls Software

Moment in time: At any given moment you can review actual man-hours and quantity of materials used relative to any cost code or business element.

Looking forward: Our system will provide you with a resource forecast – highlighting the required mix of trades and hours needed to complete a job.

Integrated project controls

Benefits and features of eify’s integrated project controls solution:

  • Enhanced financial management
  • Unparalleled accuracy of data which directly relates to cost savings
  • Increased ability to deliver on time and on budget
  • Complete integration with other eify solutions and third party systems
  • Increased accountability from the business unit or project team
  • Increased accuracy, integrity and simplicity of verifying claims from sub-contractors
  • Increased protection from frivolous claims
  • Ability to predict potential delays on critical path activities
  • Certainty around future project requirements (hours and stock).
  • Provides the ability to be able to very accurately cost projects and therefore provide the most accurate and therefore realistic tender price

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