Induction delivery & management

Induction Delivery & Management

As part of a commitment to safety, many large organisations require workers to complete an induction prior to entering a workplace.

eify’s electronic induction systems are tailored to the requirements of every company, workforce and the visitors they receive, with a focus on ensuring everyone is ‘work ready’ and compliant prior to arrival. Our system ensures key information is presented in the most efficient and intuitive way.

Fully integrated into the rest of our software solutions, you can be confident that everyone on-site is compliant and informed.

Benefits and features of eify’s electronic induction solutions:

On-boarding is accelerated

On boarding is accelerated—workers and visitors are work-ready and compliant prior to arrival

Individuals upload relevant qualifications

Individuals are required to upload relevant qualifications, contact details and emergency details prior to completing an induction

Inductions online or in training room environment

Inductions can be delivered online or in a training room environment

Induction material easily updated

Induction material can be easily updated

Numerous security features

Includes numerous security features to ensure the person performing the induction is the registered user

Include pre-employment prerequisites

Can include pre-employment prerequisites to be addressed (for example, medical)

Visitor Induction and Management System

Provide visitor induction on kiosk

The eify Visitor Induction and Management System provides your site visitors with a short induction on a kiosk and provides them with the most important information in very short time.

Activate vistor card to gain access

Once completed, visitors can activate a visitor card and gain access to the site using any access method the site employs.

Visitors show up in site reports

Visitors will then show up in on-site reports and muster lists and all be aware of the site’s most important safety information.

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