HSE Management


Organisations have a duty of care to provide a safe and responsible environment for those working on, or visiting your workplace.

eify HSE management tools are the only solution that cover all site compliance requirements, including:
  • Knowing who is on-site at all times
  • Ensuring everyone on-site is approved and qualified to be there
  • Be assured their qualifications are current
  • Ensure everyone has left the site every day
  • Integrated Emergency Evacuation system
  • Sophisticated, multi-site fatigue management, including travel time
  • Drug and alcohol testing selection and management
  • Mobile/Email Alerts
  • Electronic SWMS Management System
  • Safety Management System Module
  • Incident Management
  • Electronic, Consultation Management (such as Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, etc.)—electronically records attendance and records the audio of the whole meeting
  • Electronic On-Site Activity Monitoring + Onsite Audits
  • Daily Site Diary
  • NGERS data capture and reporting - using the Plant Manager

Our world-class HSE solution integrates fully into our access control system, meaning at any given time you will know exactly who is on-site. This also provides the ability to implement multiple alerts for site evacuation.

eify significantly reduces the workload of HSE Professionals and provides them with tools to perform their work as efficiently as possible, allowing them to focus on important site related activities.

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