Face to Face Onboarding

Face-to-Face Onboarding

When online inductions and pre-qualification are not workable or desirable, eify has a sophisticated face-to-face electronic process for ensuring there is no unnecessary paperwork. All information is collected electronically without the need to scan and save documents.

The eify "Enrol Worker" process is a component of the eify Mobile Application that takes the client representative who is managing on-site inductions through a step by step process of collecting all required user documents, a photo of the worker and images of their completed on-site induction form which only takes around a minute per worker.

Can be employed in unison with pre-qualifiation or on its own

This solution can be employed in unison with the pre-qualification process or on its own.

All information collected in the eify system

All information collected is recorded in the eify system as though it had been uploaded through the normal process, allowing you to report on it as usual.

Access card instantly assigned

Once the process is completed, an access card is instantly assigned to them so they can enter the site via a turnstile, kiosk or mobile device.

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