The rebranding of our company from eInduct to eify and launch of our website has finally arrived! We are excited to announce our new brand and to have a website that outlines all of our solutions for new and existing customers. The new name conveys how far we have come from our beginnings as an induction and competency management company.

We found that the old name, e-Induct, gave people the impression that we solely managed inductions. Since this is now only a small part of what eify does, it was time for a change. eify reflects the core of our business—electronic identification. Although our system has extensive functionality, the core of the system is electronic identification and interaction of people, plant, materials, assets, time, documents and much more.

We are very proud of the new website as it reflects the way our business has grown and expanded to meet the changing demands of the modern landscape.

The new site has been created using responsive web design, this means that it will resize all elements automatically to provide the user with the perfect experience for the device they are using, whether it’s on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

With the launch of the new website, we are committed to using our digital channels to provide news about eify’s latest developments, as well as insights across the different industries we cover. As part of this, we will be introducing a monthly newsletter which will outline what eify has been up to in the past month. We also have plans to add a blog section which will provide useful insights and our perspective on industry trends. You can sign up to receive newsletters and hear about updates to the website by clicking here.

Buildcorp have continued their long relationship with eify by contracting us to develop a solution that will allow them to restrict access to their high profile St Vincent's Hospital project. We have been able to achieve this by providing them with eify’s turnstile solution.

Our turnstiles provide a range of functionality including video monitoring, vocalised messages on entry or exit, the ability to restrict access if qualifications or licences have expired and entry/exit point video display to show information about impending qualification expirations, drug/alcohol test selection or "Safety Messages of the Day".

Combining this with a sophisticated emergency evacuation system and built-in 24 hour video monitoring will mean that the site is secure at any time of the day or night. Ensuring that only authorised people are able to access the site is imperative to any project and even more so in a busy location such as the Sydney CBD.

Historically, due to the nature of their projects, Buildcorp have used of our kiosk solution. This will be the first time they have implemented a turnstile on-site. By pairing it with our efficient electronic face-to-face on-boarding process, workers who arrive on site can spend less time in the induction room and more time on the site.

The ACT Law Courts project has commenced construction in the nation’s capital. We are very excited to be a part of the project which will see the creation of 350 jobs throughout the construction phase and create a combined Law Courts facility with the intent to maximise operational efficiency.

The ACT Law Courts project required a unique induction that adequately covers the particular requirements of the site, including specific training programs. We were able to create this induction for them using the eify Induction Delivery and Management module. This means that all users arrive on the site pre-qualified and ready to work.

Laing O’Rourke’s trust in eify’s capabilities means that we will be managing a wide range of tasks for the site, including worker on-boarding, online inductions, competency management, access control and associated components and more.

We have renewed our existing presence on the Ichthys LNG Project by signing on with Laing O’Rourke’s new package of Works, the CVL8 Project.

We have been asked to provide our unique, integrated personnel/site management solution to simplify the running of the site.

CVL8 is a remote site with workers spread across a large area. This means the project requires a solution that allows them to keep track of workers wherever they are. The eify Mobile Application allows them to achieve this by taking advantage of our sophisticated swipe on/off process. It also gives them the ability to easily record working hours for timesheets and payroll and allows them to view competencies on the spot.

Laing O’Rourke’s trust in eify’s capabilities means that we will be managing a wide range of tasks for the site, including worker on-boarding, competency management, access control, timesheet management, project controls management, plant management and more.

Laing O’Rourke have recently started demolition work on 100 Mount Street with a view to creating the largest and tallest commercial tower in North Sydney.

100 Mount Street is located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the North Sydney business district. This makes access control a top priority for the site. In order to secure the location, we are providing an eify turnstile with built-in emergency evacuation, 24 hour video monitoring and an alcohol testing device.

Laing O’Rourke were concerned that plant arriving at the site would add to the congested streets of North Sydney and required a way to pre-qualify equipment so it could be used as soon as it arrived on site. With the eify Plant Management module, we were able to resolve this issue. This module ensures any plant item arriving on site has all relevant documentation uploaded and certified by a site representative in advance.

Laing O’Rourke’s trust in eify’s capabilities means that we will be managing a wide range of tasks for the site, including worker on-boarding, online inductions, competency management, access control, plant management an numerous HSE capabilities such as Drug and Alcohol Management, Electronic Meeting/Consultation Management, SWMS Management and more.

The Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B) project is Australia’s largest regional public infrastructure project and will see 10,000 people working on site. A project of this size needs to ensure that workers competencies are captured and up to date and that everyone who comes on site has gone through the induction process. This ensures workers understand the scope, safety requirements and importance of the project.

The eify Competency Management and Training Management modules ensure that all training is recorded and the project is compliant with government mandated requirements. We do this by providing regular updates on expiring tickets and providing the project with custom training dashboard functionality that shows up to date compliance percentages and gap analysis.

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