eify has vast experience in the resources industry and provides a range of solutions that suit companies or projects in this sector.

eify has been used on resources projects to manage the complete personnel life cycle and is uniquely suited to the requirements of this industry.

eify’s workforce management system can assist in the selection and allocation of workers to projects based on availability and capability. This is integrated with our worker evaluation system that ensures our clients have a complete understanding of worker’s capabilities and previous performances.

Once the personnel have been selected, eify can also manage the booking of travel and accommodation for FIFO workers.

Once workers are assigned work, eify manages their onboarding and ensures that all required documentation is collected prior to mobilisation to a site.

Once mobilised, eify will ensure these qualifications are maintained and will provide ongoing management of all personnel qualifications and requirements, including providing instant, statistical information about the compliance level by project, region, company or any other desired criteria.

When workers arrive at the site, an eify access card is provided to them. This enables numerous functionality. It allows eify to manage their access to and from the site by scanning it on our access control systems—turnstiles, kiosks or mobile devices.

By recording start and finish times, eify manages the worker’s pay and the allocation of their hours for project controls purposes, which it outputs to payroll and project controls systems, while managing all personnel for HSE purposes including:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Integrated Emergency Evacuation system
  • Advanced fatigue management, including travel time (using mapping technology)
  • Incident reporting
  • Mobile/Email Alerts
  • Unparalleled, Electronic SWMS Management System
  • Safety Management System Module
  • Incident Management
  • Electronic, Consultation Management (such as Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, etc.)—electronically records attendance and records the audio of the whole meeting
  • Electronic On-Site Activity Monitoring + Onsite Audits

eify also records the rosters of workers and reports all missing personnel.

As well as managing almost every aspect of personnel on a resources project, eify also manages Plant and Materials, Equipment and Assets through our “MEAMS” (Materials, Equipment, Asset Management System). Both these systems integrate with the personnel management modules of the system.

From a Plant perspective, eify ensures that all plant are compliant at all times and ensures that only qualified operators can operate it. The MEAMS provides extensive capabilities but one of the most functional aspects is the ability to manage the distribution of materials, equipment and assets to workers. The system assigns barcodes to these items and then enables a storeperson to loan or assign these items to an individual by scanning their access card.

Due to eify's modular design, resources companies can pick and choose the modules that suit their requirements. They could use it for a complete management suite that manages everything from recruitment and workforce management to timesheeting, payroll, project controls, extensive HSE capabilities, competency and training management and asset and plant management or use any one of these modules individually.

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