Plant Hire


eify works extremely well with Plant Hire companies and can provide a level of interaction with their clients and their client’s workers that has never been possible before.

eify has two modules for managing both aspects of the Plant Hire companies’ business—small tools and equipment and heavy machinery and plant.

eify’s Materials, Equipment and Asset Management System (MEAMS) manages every aspect of the lifecycle of small tools and equipment. Most relevant to Plant Hire companies is its ability to manage the distribution of these items to workers on a project.

For the Plant Hire company who provides material or equipment for a project directly to workers, eify’s MEAMS provides an extremely simple, easy to use process. It manages the distribution of these items to workers on the project and records who took what and how much they took with unparalleled accuracy.

eify’s Plant Manager manages the plant for our clients on projects by ensuring that all required documents are provided and maintained as well as numerous other aspects. For hire companies, eify’s Plant API provides an instant interface for them to output all required documentation straight out of their own Plant Management system or electronic register.

Plant Hire companies can ensure they are one of the first points of call for subcontractors who need to hire plant if their plant is pre-approved with the requirements of eify’s Plant Management system.

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