eify can provide a range of solutions for the health industry. eify can manage everything from employee verification, timesheets and payroll to patient pre-admittance, on-site admittance, location and management.

eify uses a number of systems to verify people's qualifications and other required information. As part of a pre-qualification process for potential workers at health facilities, eify can perform Police checks through Crimtrac, "Working with Children" verification and collect and verify all required documents.

Once on-site, eify can manage workers' attendance and time worked and output this information for payroll and any other required system. Utilising the roster/schedule component of the system, it will manage and report on those who should be on-site but haven’t and aren't and much more.

eify could be used to provide information to patients before they attend a medical facility and can also collect any required information from them before they attend. Once they arrive, patients can be allocated an identification wrist band that can manage them while at the facility. It can verify the patient is the correct person, where they should be and provide reports based on exceptions to set parameters.

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