eify is the perfect solution for managing the numerous issues involved with managing students, staff and temporary personnel in education situations.

eify can be used to track that students have arrived and left school, university or any other educational institution. Utilising eify's roster/schedule management component, it will report those who should be on campus and aren't. It can also be used to track the attendance for every single class and report anyone who is missing. At the end of a day, eify will report anyone who hasn't swiped out.

eify is the perfect solution for ensuring that staff and workers at educational institutions are authorised to be there. eify can verify that "Working with Children" checks have been completed and can even perform Police checks directly with Crimtrac. It will also ensure that any other required training or qualifications are provided and verified and maintained.

eify can also be used to provide online information and training to students and staff and can ensure everyone required to perform the training has completed it. It then provides simple reports about anyone who hasn't completed the requirement and send reminders to them and anyone else who needs to be notified.

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