eify provides significant capabilities to construction projects. It can manage every aspect of a project.

Ensure competency

eify can ensure that all workers are competent before they arrive at the site by gathering all their required documents online.

Inductions & Onboarding

It can also ensure they complete an online induction and any other training before they attend the site. Alternatively, it can manage their on-site onboarding process electronically.

Access Card

Once they arrive at the site, they are ready to go. eify provides the ability for an access/identification card to be printed and activated immediately.

Access Control Systems

Once they have a card, they can access the site using eify's sophisticated Access Control system. eify provides Access Control via turnstiles, purpose-built kiosks and via mobile phones.

Knowing who is on-site is an integral part of the HSE capabilities eify provides. It provides clients with the details of everyone on their project(s) from anywhere with an internet connection, provides peace of mind that everyone on-site is qualified to be there, are able to evacuate users effectively and efficiently, manage fatigue, manage drug and alcohol testing, manage Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and record those who are signed onto each via a swipe of their access card, manage subcontractor safety documentation via the Safety Management System, instantly view HSE metrics via graphs based on the information recorded in the Incident and Hazard Management system and much more.

The access information can also be used for Timesheet, Payroll and Project Controls purposes. eify provides a sophisticated interface for verifying workers' hours, assigning their work to Progress Accounts and managing multiple levels of approval. This information can then be output into relevant system such as Payroll or Project Controls systems such as P6 and Prism.

Due to eify's modular design, Construction companies can pick and choose the modules that suit their requirements. They could use it for a complete management suite that manages everything from recruitment and workforce management to timesheeting, payroll, project controls, extensive HSE capabilities, competency and training management and asset and plant management or use any one of these modules individually.

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