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The early years

It was through an early recognition of the opportunity to reduce duplication, streamline processes and increase value through the delivery of mobile solutions to large, complex and geographically diverse business that gave eify permission to exist.

Launched in 2007 as an induction-only system, the sophisticated simplicity of the solution was recognised quickly and implemented by Woolworths Limited nationally as the preferred contractor induction system across all of their properties including Caltex Service Stations, Dick Smith, Woolworths, Safeway and many others. In the first year more than 3,500 Contractors came into contact with the eInduct system.

e-Induct was completely rewritten in 2009 and was contracted by a number of head contractors to provide online induction and competency management requirements for workers involved with the $16.2 billion Building the Education Revolution Project. During this contract, more than 12,500 workers across 600 schools interfaced with the eInduct system.

Opportunity to expand and meet demand

Over the next few years our system expanded to include an integrated access control system, a more capable competency management system, along with a sophisticated plant management module. We found that we were fast becoming the first choice of organisations quickly scaling-up as a result of the big budget mining boom.

Over the years our system has been used on almost every major LNG project throughout Australia.

We now enjoy working with partners in the resources, construction, roads, rail and medical sectors.

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Our Name

Our new company brand eify (pronounced /ʌɪ faɪ/, like "hi-fi"), launched in 2016, was chosen for a number of reasons:

Our original name, "e-Induct", was misleading in that it suggested we are just an electronic induction company. The eify system is vastly more than that now, with an impressive suite of business-wide capabilities

eify is a shortening of the term "e-identify" or "electronic identification", which is the most important aspect of the system. We manage the electronic identification of people, plant, materials, assets and equipment.

The new name pays homage to our roots in large-scale electronic inductions, coupled with the verbal suffix "fy"—meaning "to make", "cause to be" or "to render".